Five Ways to Avoid Obesity

Obesity has been a growing epidemic for the last two decades. According to research more than a third of Americans are obese. If you didn’t know, obesity increases your chances of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Several factors like genes, eating habits, lifestyle, emotions, attitude, and others contribute to obesity. The following are ways to avoid obesity.

Have Specific Meal Times

You should choose an appropriate time for taking your meals. If you don’t then you might find yourself eating continuously or frequently. You should pick times for meals and keep yourself busy until your mealtime reaches. Don’t remember food till the time comes. Most people find themselves eating throughout the day, but experts recommend that you should limit yourself until you get used to it. If you eat frequently, you will quickly get obese.

Eat Small Portions

You should serve portions of food according to your age and size. Adults should take more food than children. For instance, it won’t make sense when you give a three-year child the same portion as an adult. And that is not all. You should have five to six portions of food throughout the day not three meals like most folks.

Avoid Forcing Yourself to Finish the Food

Don’t force yourself to finish the food that you have served. If you are not overweight, decide the amount of food that you can consume. Some people force themselves to clear all the foods that they have served thinking that they will grow strong. What they don’t know is that they are hunting for problems. If you feel you are full stop eating instead of forcing yourself to clear the food. When you force yourself to eat more food than your body requires you can be overweight and easily obese.

Sidestep Snacks

Avoid eating snacks when relaxing or playing. It’s true that a lot of snacks cause obesity in both adults and children. Some snacks have high calories, and if you consume them in large quantities, you will cause problems to yourself. Most peoples make it a habit to have snacks everywhere they go, especially when playing, watching or traveling. You will come across people walking with snacks in their hands, or whenever they get into a supermarket, they start selecting them. You should learn to avoid eating snacks because they will increase your waistline. Don’t just take snacks to feel happy but also remember their side effects.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Everyone including children should eat food with fewer calories. You should minimize your carbohydrate intake while you increase your intake of minerals, proteins, and vitamins for better health. Some people don’t consider the type of foods that they eat. Instead, they cook what they like and end up eating sugary and fatty foods that promote obesity. You should make sure that you have a balanced diet and not just eat what you want. Know the foods that are required by your body and don’t forget to drink lots of water to hydrate.